State Fair Looking for Talent to Perform

The 2014 Tennessee State Fair is singing a few bars of what’s been sung before but this year the tune has a slightly different verse.

The State Fair is combing the state for musical talent.

Fair officials say while the State Fair places a great deal of emphasis on topics related to agriculture, education, fuel conservation, and other themes, they also want to renew the spotlight that’s annually placed on Tennessee’s musical talent.

“We’re continuing our effort this year as we have for the past three years to focus much of the Fair’s entertainment on what we all recognize as one of the state’s greatest treasures, music.

“Nashville is recognized as the Mecca of Country Music. Memphis is home to Beale Street and the blues. And in East Tennessee there’s folk music accompanied by strings, fiddles and banjos,” said Kinsey Emery, State Fair marketing and event manager.

According to Emery, the State Fair is reaching out to communities across the state looking for talent and encouraging those who may want “to perform on stage at one of the oldest and most prominent venues in the region to give us a call.”

The Fair, staged annually at the State Fairgrounds in Nashville, is traditionally a ten day event. This year’s Fair begins on Sept. 5 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 14.

Emery explained that throughout the Fair period there are available a plethora of times, stages, and opportunities for musical acts to perform. She said the openings include weekends and week days; mid-day, late afternoon and evening time slots; and a wide variety of different audience demographics.

She said the Fair provides what she described as an “excellent opportunity for musical acts to perform and be seen, heard and possibly discovered” by the thousands who attend the State Fair annually.

“We literally want to hear Tennessee’s talent perform at the State Fair,” Emery said encouraging those interested in performing to go to the Fair’s website and fill out an entertainment application.

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