New Green Collar Exhibit at The Tennessee State Fair

The Tennessee State Fair will have a new green collar exhibit at the fair this year. The Green Collar Exhibit will provide fairgoers with educational exhibits and demonstrations focusing on green, sustainable practices. Green collar refers to any occupation that contributes to conservation and sustainability.

Some of the Green Collar exhibits and demonstrations will include:

  • The Land Trust for Tennessee‘s Glen Leven Farm and their cattle operator, Blair Myers, will discuss their implementation of rotational cattle grazing because of the links this practice builds between the health of soils, plants and animals.
  • Matthew Wade, Manager of the Middle Tennessee State University Livestock Center, will discussusing used cooking oil from the MTSU cafeteria to make biodiesel fuel to power the diesel motors used at the Livestock Center.
  • Dr. Cliff Ricketts, Professor of Agriculture Education at Middle Tennessee State University, will discuss his journeys traveling state-wide and nation-wide in vehicles using solar power and hydrogen from water. On November 1, 2010, Ricketts drove a vehicle from across the state on sun and hydrogen from water. This past March, he drove coast to coast (more than 2,600 miles) on 2.15 gallons of gas.

The Green Collar Exhibit will also feature demonstrations on composting, food preservation, no-till gardening, heirloom gardening and backyard poultry.