Official Pick & Sell Rules

    1. The Kid Pickers Pick & Sell exhibition is open to kids ages 7 – 13. Entry is free of charge.
    2. All entries will be given a one day pass to attend the Tennessee State Fair for FREE.
    3. All picks for display at the Antique Archaeology booth must be registered in advance online, and dropped off on Saturday, August 30. All entries will be required to have a parent/guardian signature on release forms. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    4. Tennessee State Fair Association will give good care to all articles on exhibition, however The Tennessee State Fair Association, Antique Archaeology, Mike Wolfe, HISTORY®, and Kid Pickers are not responsible for lost or damaged picks.
    5. Each Kid Picker with a pick registered in advance, will have the opportunity to sell their item at the Antique Archaeology booth during the fair. Specific times for pickers to appear at the booth will be determined after entry.
    6. All picks on display during the fair will be available to be picked up Monday, September 15th though Wednesday September 17th.
    7. Tennessee State Fair Association has the right to alter, cancel, or refuse to display any item.
    8. Contact person for any question regarding Pick & Sell at the 2014 Tennessee State Fair can be directed to Paul Adams at

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