Total Premium Offered $2,413

 Central Region Educational Exhibits directed by:

Regional Director:  Jim Stewart

Regional Program Leader:  Martin Koon

Regional Program Leader:  Allisen Penn

4-H Area Specialist:  Jamie Harris

4-H Club Agricultural Committee to Assist:

UT/TSU Extension Davidson County 4-H Agents

Eligibility: Open To All Tennessee 4-H Club Members in grades 4th—12th as of January 1st of current year.

Entry Fees: No, TSFA entry fees will be charged for entries within this department.


Online Registration:  until 10:00 p.m., August 31, 2019 (Click Here or click on icon below)

Central Region deadlines are listed with each division’s information.

4-H Department Rules & Guidelines

  1. All Divisions are subject to the Tennessee State Fair Rules, Department and Division Rules.
  2. Competition in this department is open to any Tennessee 4-H Member in grades 4th thru 12th currently active as a Janary 1st of the current year.No entry fee will be charged.
  3. Pre-entry is MOST important. Members entering exhibits must register with the Tennessee State Fair to be eligible for award money. Members entering competitions must register through local Extension Agents.
  4. Exhibits will not be accepted before or after receiving dates. To be eligible for premiums, all exhibits must be in place before the official judging.
  5. Ribbons will be given only to the first five winners. Monetary awards are listed within division information.
  6. No exhibits will be released prior to the close of the Fair. Entries will be released as listed in the Division’s guidelines If any entry is removed before the end of the fair, the premium money and ribbon will be forfeited.
  7. Premiums will be issued as soon as possible after the conclusion of the fair.


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