Celebrity Cow Milking

Congrats to our 2012 Cow Milking Champs!

Kristin Priesol & Cary Clark


Milking Madness – The 107th annual Tennessee State Fair is proud to announce the second annual Celebrity Milking Contest. On Monday, September 9th, celebrities from radio stations and TV channels around Middle TN will kick-off this year’s fair by facing off in a cow milking competition.

How does it work? – When the whistle sounds, one celebrity on each team starts milking. They have two minutes to milk as much as possible before their teammate gets a chance. After two minutes, the whistle will sound again and everyone must stop. Judges will come by to measure the amount of milk in each team’s bucket. Whoever produced the most milk, wins!

The Judges – These aren’t just any judges. We have the Official Weights and Measures Regulatory Division of the TN Department of Agriculture! They will be able to determine the winner within 1/100th of an ounce! Football may be game of inches, but Competitive Cow Milking is a game of ounces, so we are leaving nothing to chance.

The Prize – The winner will walk away with bragging rights and a crazy cool 2011 Tennessee State Fair Celebrity Milking Champion Trophy ….The Golden Udder!

Past Winners

2011 Cow Milking Champs: Stacey Case & Scott Couch


2010 Cow Milking Champs: Holly Thompson & Troy Hanson