Backyard Farming Exhibits at the Tennessee State Fair

For the first time, The Tennessee State Fair will have exhibits and demonstrations for the backyard farmer at this year’s fair. With the new trend in backyard or urban farming, the exhibits and demonstrations will provide a great opportunity for backyard farmers to sharpen their skills.

Some of the educational exhibits and demonstrations will include: lasagna gardening (no-till gardening method), backyard composting, food savers (preserving fresh produce), rooftop gardening, and an expert will be on-site to discuss backyard poultry.

“The backyard or urban farming movement has really taken off here in Nashville and nation-wide,” said Dale Bryson, retail feed and animal health specialist at Tennessee Farmers Cooperative. “People like raising their own poultry and knowing exactly what goes into the eggs as another way to eat healthy and organically.”

Bryson will be at the fair to do an introductory-level presentation about backyard poultry nutrition, water requirements, feeds and feeding, shelter requirements, and predator control.