Contact Info

To contact the Tennessee State Fair, please call 615-852-8997.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 24747
Nashville, TN 37202

Fair Manager, Scott Jones
Entertainment, Grounds Management, Security
615-852-8997, ext. 7

Marketing and Event Manager, Kinsey Emery
Marketing, Sponsorships, and Special Events
615-852-8997, ext. 3

Creative Arts, Pam Butler
Art, Quilting, Canning, Photography, Needlework, Papercrafting, Floral
615-852-8997, ext. 4

Livestock Superintendent, Vanessa Warf
615-852-8997, ext. 5

FFA & 4-H Superintendent, Michael Barry
615-852-8997, ext 6

Vendor Information, Phyllis Ellis
615-852-8997, ext. 2

For general information about the Nashville Expo Center, Nashville Flea Market, or Building Rental, please visit the Nashville Expo Center’s website at or call 615-862-8980.