Department E

Total Premiums Offered: $12,208

Superintendent: Michael Barry

(615) 800-3675, ext 6

Entry Fees:

Adults/Open Division: $2.00 per entry

Youth Division/Classes: $0.00 per entry

No refunds will be given on entry fees.


Online Registration:  until 10:00 p.m., September 1, 2017 (click here)

Mail-in Entries must be postmarked by August 18, 2017, (Printable Form)

Agricultural Department Rules & Guidelines

  1. All Agricultural Divisions are subject to the Tennessee State Fair Rules, located on page 9, Department and Division Rules.
  2. An entry fee will be charged per class, unless indicated in Division.
  3. Pre-registration is MOST important. Members must register with the Tennessee State Fair to be eligible for award money. Deadlines are listed on page 8. Non-registered entries will be accepted during the check-in times listed in the Division information.
  4. Entries will not be accepted before or after receiving dates. To be eligible for premiums, all exhibits must be in place before the official judging.
  5. Exhibits must be the exhibitor’s own farming program and that crop exhibits are of the current year’s growth. All crop entries winning a prize are at the disposal of the director of the department, for educational purposes.
  6. Ribbons will be given only to the first three winners. Monetary awards are listed within division information.
  7. No exhibits will be released prior to the close of the Fair. Entries will be released for pick on Monday between 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. after the close of the Fair, no exceptions. ALL entries must be out by posted time or entries become property of the Tennessee State Fair Association. If any entry is removed before the end of the fair, the premium money and ribbon will be forfeited.
  8. Premiums will be issued at the release of exhibits soon as possible after the conclusion of the fair.

Agricultural Divisions

Click on your division of interest for complete rules and classes offered.

Tennessee County Ham


School Garden Vegetable Competition

Fruits & Vegetables

Giant Pumpkins& Watermelon Weigh-off

Quality Forage



Winners of Years Past




2016 1,311 lbs. Jason Terry,

Onedia, TN

2016 248 lbs. Chris Kent,

Sevierville, TN

2015 1,389 lbs. Bill Brinkely,

Russeville, KY

2015 231 lbs. Jeremy Lindley,

Wynne, AR

2014 1,269 lbs. Jason Terry,

Onedia, TN

2014 255.5 lbs. Frank Mudd,

Flaherty, KY

2013 524 lbs. Freddie Burcham,

Ashland City, TN

2013 273.5 lbs. Frank Mudd,

Flaherty, KY

2012 932.5 lbs. John Thompson,

Louisville, KY

2012 217 lbs. Matt Burcham,

Pleasant View, TN

2011 1,014 lbs. Frank Mudd,

Flaherty, KY

2011 225 lbs. Chris Kent,

Sevierville, TN

2010 956 lbs. Jim Sowers,

Stanford, KY

2010 264 lbs. Chris Kent,

Sevierville, TN

2009 1,119.5 lbs. John Vanhook,

Summerset, KY

2009 239 lbs. Chris Kent,

Sevierville, TN

2008 1,089 lbs. Frank Mudd,

Flahery, KY

2008 208.5 lbs. Freddie Burcham,

Ashland City, TN

2007 1,065.5 lbs. George Kopsell,

Maryville, TN

2007 214 lbs. Freddie Burcham,

Ashland City, TN

2006 1078 lbs. Lawrence County 4-H Club 2006 198 lbs. Zach Brinkley,

Auburn, KY

2005 669 lbs. Frank Mudd,

Flaherty, KY

2005 207 lbs. Bill Brinkley,

Auburn, KY