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“Red, White and You”

Creating a whole new focus on family entertainment, educational experiences, and a pride in what we all find good about our nation and the Volunteer State, the Tennessee State Fair is proud to present “Red, White and You,” its theme for the 2015 edition of this landmark event inaugurated more than 150 years ago.

Operated and managed by a volunteer board, the Fair invites you to share in the excitement of this year’s ten day extravaganza beginning Friday, September 11 and continuing through Sunday, September 20.

The State Fair is an annual exhibition of what makes America and Tennessee great. From coast to coast and somewhat closer to home from the Mississippi River to the Great Smokey Mountains the Fair is in many ways a live hands-on exhibit of how we live our lives.

It shows how we grow our food, teaches the value of arts and crafts, allows a child’s hand to pet a floppy ear cow, and honors the state’s best homemade two crust apple pie. And, if that wasn’t enough, the Fair provides exhilarating heartbeats for all ages thrilled by the rides of a million dollar midway.


The Tennessee State Fair Association was formed to promote the education of agriculture, horticulture, the creative arts, performing arts, industry, commerce, recreation, economic development, natural resources, and related areas to the public, through the planning, promotion, conduct, and operation of an annual Tennessee State Fair.

Board of Directors

John Rose
John W. Rose, President
Boson Software, LLC
Former Commussioner of Agriculture
Hickman, TN
Emily Pitcock
Vice Chairman
Emily Pitcock, Exec. Secretary
Tennessee Association of Fairs
Fayetteville, TN
Deb Varallo
Deb Varallo, President
Varallo Public Relations
Nashville, TN
Senator Joe Haynes
Senator Joe Haynes
Haynes, Freeman, & Bracey, PLC
Nashville, TN
Dr. Doyle
Dr. Doyle Meadows, CEO
Tennessee Walking Horse
National Celebration
Shelbyville, TN
Tom Lane
Tom Lane
Atwood, TN
Sam Jackson, PHD
Sam Jackson, PHD
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN
Bill Mullins
Bill Mullins, Former Executive Director
Tennessee Association of Craft Artists
Nashville, TN
Council Lady Sandra V. Moore
Council Lady Sandra V. Moore
District 17 Metro-Nashville
Nashville, TN
Will T. Cheek
Will T. Cheek
BoneMcAllester Norton
Nashville, TN
Representative Andy Holt
Andy Holt
House of Representatives
Dresden, TN

Our Humble Thanks

The Tennessee State Fair Association would like to acknowledge all the state and local agencies and educational institutions for their participation and support of the Tennessee State Fair, including but not limited to:

Many people and organizations are required to make the Tennessee State Fair a success. We’d like to express our utmost gratitude to the many volunteers, sponsors, vendors, and neighbors who come together each year to support the Fair.

In Kind Support:

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