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August 20, 2014

One hundred eight (108) years ago, the Tennessee State Fair started as the official state fair of our great state. Throughout the course of the history of the fair, stock car racing has been an instrumental part of the event. >>Continue Reading

A tradition almost as old as the Fair itself is being broadened even more this year as the Tennessee State Fair opens the "Fairest of the Fair" pageants to virtually all ages from 0 to 20 and presents for the first time "special needs" pageants. >>Continue Reading

The Tennessee State Fair is looking for a few good “kid pickers” to bring their goods, hidden treasures as they might be, to the State Fairgrounds on Sunday, September 7, at 11 am, for a special opportunity to appear on stage with Mike Wolfe, host of the A&E Network show that teaches kids how to find and recognize items of value. >>Continue Reading